The Best Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Service in Palo Alto, CA

The garbage disposal has been making kitchen clean-up fast and easy since the mid-20th century. While not many Palo Alto, CA, households had garbage disposals when they were first introduced, these days over half the kitchens today are equipped with a disposal. As great as this appliance is, if it is not installed or repaired correctly it may not function up to its full potential. This is why at My Palo Alto Plumber Hero we always recommend professional repair and installation services for leaks, blockages, and mechanical failures.

How to Help Your Garbage Disposal Last

The average garbage disposal will last anywhere from five to 10 years. You can get closer to the 10 year mark without a major repair or the need to replace the unit by paying close attention to how you operate your disposal.

  • Prevent Clogs – Do not place excessive amounts of food in the disposal. Reducing the amount of food you put in your disposal will reduce the chances of food particles getting stuck in the blades or in the drain pipes, preventing nasty, kitchen sink backups.
  • Prevent Leaks – There are many areas on a disposal that have the potential to develop a leak. Usually a seal will break if the disposal shakes excessively during operation or too much food is placed in the disposal. Proper installation and careful usage will make it less likely that a leak will occur.
  • Prevent Dull Blades – As your garbage disposal ages, its blades will become duller and not work well. While you may expect this of a disposal that is close to 10 years old, you wouldn’t expect it of a disposal that is only a couple years old. You can prevent premature dulling by not overloading the disposal and grinding up ice cubes once each month to sharpen the blades.

Call for Garbage Disposal Repair Right Away

When problems arise with your disposal, don’t wait to call for plumbing service in Palo Alto, CA. The sooner we can send someone to look at the problem, the more likely it is that the problem can be fixed and you can avoid replacing the disposal.

If garbage disposal replacement is necessary, our knowledgeable contractors will help you pick out a new appliance keeping your budget and usage needs in mind. We will even assist you with professional installation so you don’t have to worry about problems arising from poor connections.

To schedule an appointment with one of our contractors, or to learn more about how to maintain your disposal, call us today.