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Fast and Friendly Rooter and Drain Services from the Best Palo Alto Plumber

When you plumbing problems require professional assistance, give the friendly plumbers at My Palo Alto Plumber Hero a call. We have been helping residents and business owners in Palo Alto, California and the surrounding communities for the past 25 years. Our reputation for on time service, expert repair skills, and courteous plumbers has allowed us to maintain our status as the premier 24 hour plumbing company in Palo Alto for all plumbing and rooter services. From simple fixture installations to complicated sewer line repairs, our customers trust us to handle their most intricate plumbing needs. Day or night, we are always on-call to make sure you don't have to go without the conveniences of modern day plumbing for any longer than necessary.

Outstanding Drain Cleaning and Sewer Line Services

Why are clogged drains such a problem in so many households? Essentially, the drains in your home are a catch-all for everything and anything you can imagine. Although you may not intentionally be putting the wrong things down you drain, even every day substances like toothpaste, loose hairs, grease, and food particles can cause the insides of your pipes to become tightly compacted, reducing the flow of water. Sometimes, a clog may be small enough to create a slow flow situation, whereas other times it can completely stop the water flow. The same thing can happen to your sewer line.

Ignoring blockages won't make them go away. In fact, it will only make it worse. Our industry certified drain cleaning contractors use the latest equipment and video plumbing technology to identify and remedy obstructed drains and sewer lines quickly. You don't have to live with slow flow drains or no flow sewer lines. Our knowledgeable plumbers can help.


Did You Know?


The city of Palo Alto, California is home to a number of high-tech companies that are part of the average citizens' everyday lifestyle. From Google to Facebook to PayPal, Palo Alto is a mecca of high-tech companies and start-ups. Stanford University founder Leland Stanford established Palo Alto, following the death of his son and namesake. The city's name was derived in the 1700s after the tall Redwood tree called, El Palo Alto.


Water Heater Repair and Installation

Another problem that residential and commercial customers often need help with is problems with their water heater. This appliance is usually ignored entirely until it stops working for a homeowners, tenant, or business owner. At My Palo Alto Plumber Hero, we offer not only water heater repair and installation services, but sales services, too. Our plumbers can point you in the right direction if you need to purchase a new water heater. We can provide you with up-to-date information about all the latest water heater technologies as well as help you with the installation.

Honest and Professional Emergency Plumbing Services 24/7

Plumbing emergencies can incite fear into the calmest, most rational person. Once water begins to take over your home, all reason can be washed away. Don't panic if a pipe bursts or a line freezes. Instead, call the best 24 hour plumbing company in Palo Alto. Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers can help you remedy the problem in a timely manner, minimizing damage and cost.

Speaking of cost – don't fret about hiring an emergency plumber in Palo Alto. We offer unbeatable prices, regardless of what time the clock reads. You can always count on My Palo Alto Plumber Hero for all your plumbing needs!