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buy provigil by cephalonAre you on the fence about calling a Palo Alto plumber for hot water heater repair? A lot of homeowners notice there is a problem with their water heater, but put off calling for professional plumbing service because they fear the unknown. They are fear a huge repair bill. My Palo Alto Plumber Hero understands our customers’ concerns, which is why we offer valuable water heater maintenance tips as well as 24-hour buy brand provigilservice.

So, the big question. When should you call for professional repair services? Here are some guidelines that will help you make the right call.

Water Heater Isn’t Heating

If your hot shower is turning icy shortly after you turn on the water, you may want to check the thermostat before you call a plumber. Water heaters are equipped with thermostats that have three different settings. Ideally, you want the middle setting. This setting is comfortable for most and is also saves the most energy without giving up comfort. The thermostat may have gotten bumped if you were recently messing around near the unit or someone may have changed it.

When the thermostat isn’t the problem, you may have burner that isn’t working or, in the case of gas-powered units, the pilot light may not be lit. Homeowners who feel comfortable relighting a pilot light can try this repair. Otherwise, call a licensed plumber in Palo Alto to take help you with these issues.

Water Heater Is Making Strange Sounds

Hissing, popping, or whirring sounds are not normal for a water heater. This appliance does make noise while in operation, but it shouldn’t be a noise that makes you take pause. Popping sounds that occur after the heater has been on for a while could indicate a buildup of sediment in the tank. Annual flushing can prevent this problem and is something homeowners can do themselves. Although, we recommend contacting a Palo Alto plumber if you feel uncomfortable with this task.

Lastly, we recommend calling for water heater repair service any time you’re uncertain about the performance of the unit. It’s always better to err on the side of caution. For more hot water heater maintenance tips or to schedule an appointment with a 24 hour plumber at My Palo Alto Plumber Hero, call us today!

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